The most dangerous dog breeds

Unusual Pets
The whole question of care and the animal hospital. Unfortunately in pet stores often you can find unskilled workers. In one I was actually trying to convince poking in the…

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Psittacosis parrots dangerous to humans!
In 2015, Tver oblast in the study of biological material from a parrot belonging to one of the Tver businessmen was discovered the genetic material of the causative agent of…

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Pets protect children from asthma and allergies
Many parents are convinced that cats and dogs put their child at risk of catching allergies or asthma. However, a recent study of physicians from the hospital of Henry Ford…

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Disease of pet birds and their treatment

The fellowship of feathered friends brings a lot of positive emotions. From singing home of Ptah becomes the light of soul and in the house. When the bird suddenly stops fun to tweet in the morning, arises anxiety. It is important to look at the appearance and condition of the ward. Room decorative birds, like other Pets, are susceptible to various diseases. Diseases of pet birds it is easier to prevent than to cure. Timely recognition of the disease will quickly “cure” the bird.

Monotonous feeding pet birds, leading to the lack of vitamins in the body of the bird and spread the disease called beriberi. During the deficiency of room the birds become lethargic, sedentary and don’t eat. To bring bird energy to be included in the diet of various food. We must try to find delicacy, which like a bird and which contain sufficient amount of vitamins. If the bird does not want to take another food or vitamin deficiency started, it is necessary to instill vitamins using dropper in the beak or add water.

Infectious laryngotracheitis is a viral disease in which inflamed pharynx and trachea pigeons, parrots, kanreki other pet birds. The acute form of the disease affects the appearance of birds. They sit with their eyes closed and refuse to eat. When breathing birds make a kind of quacking sound beak constantly open. The disease may be accompanied by tearing and discharge openings of the beak. Laryngotracheitis treated mainly with antibiotics and prevention is applied to the conjunctiva vaccine or RUB it in the sewer. Cells should be treated with boiling water. Continue reading

Common problems of pet rodents

Decorative mouse, funny hamsters, plump Guinea pig and ferret and chinchilla have become our Pets. They take up little space and is considered to be a low maintenance and omnivores. However, all is not so simple, and often from the fact that the owner does not know the basic rules of care and feeding, Pets happen trouble.

For Example: The Common Cold . It is frequent, and the most common disease. To her lead n Loga hygiene cells, the substance at low temperatures, dampness, drafts. The disease is manifested by sneezing, nasal discharge, cough, difficulty breathing (wheezing), lacrimation, congestion in the respiratory tract of phlegm. The behavior of a sick animal is changing – he sleeps more, becomes sluggish, not eating well. I zahvoravšij pet’s ears pressed to his head, the fur loses its luster, around the nose found bloody scabs.

Noticing this, you should immediately create conditions for recovery – move the house fluffy patient a warm place to thoroughly clean the cage with bleach, and lay on the bottom of the litter and do everything to make your pet warm and cozy.

The diet should be additionally administered in vegetables, fruits, dry nettle, wheat germ – foods rich in vitamins A, C, E and group B. To improve the General condition can be given a glucose solution to vypaivanija to put her injections in the region of the withers. Do not take animal or to disturb when he sleeps. If cold symptoms worsen you should show your pet to the vet. Continue reading

The most rare and incredibly beautiful breed of cats

As you know, the family cat has a diversity of species and breeds, so this article will tell you about the most beautiful and rare breeds of animals.

One of them has the name of Cao Mani – cat, bright unusual eyes, often of different colors. The color of these rocks is pure white. If there are any inclusions is not valid. This breed is famous for this light gene. The first mention of Khao Mani were dated in 1350. They were bred in Thailand members of the nobility, so as to afford them they could only. It was believed that this cat brings home prosperity and good luck. Now this breed in pure form is very difficult to find, so its cost in the U.S., as a rule, is not less than 20 000 dollars. These cats are not used to sit in the hands of humans, but they are not aggressive and are quite fine with walking and swimming. At the same time they don’t transfer to the other house any animals.

Some of the beautiful members of the cat family is the cat breed snow Shu, which means “snow Shoe”. These cats have an unusual color – type of the Siamese but with white paws. In addition, the nose of these cats are also featured, in the form of an inverted V of white color. Snow Shu is very friendly and even-tempered animals, they get along with all family members including other Pets. They have a lively enquiring mind, so these cats are fast-learners.

Unusual beautiful color are famous for Singaporean cats. This color is called “Sepia agouti”. This is the smallest animal of the family Felidae. They are flexible, soft, narrow physique and appearance of the Asian type. Continue reading

Exotic animals at home: snake

Any herpetologist will tell you that improper maintenance of snakes may lead to the fact that it will take treatment of snakes. Choose a large enough terrarium, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable accommodation in it of the snake.

Pets are different: some people prefer to have a quiet Guinea pig, someone – affectionate kitty, someone needs a faithful dog, but there is a category of people loves all the unusual, strange, because even in the choice of Pets, they distinguished themselves, preferring all fluffy and affectionate animals proud snakes. It should be noted that the content of snake has a high degree of complexity compared, for example, with the content of the same cats, as mentioned wild creatures are not free to drive through the apartment or whole house. By purchasing a snake, you must be fully confident that they will be able to provide her with a decent standard of living, and therefore carefully weigh your options. To any snake should be in a well-equipped terrarium, which must be maintained at the desired level of temperature and humidity, as well as artificially created the right lighting, it will be attained through the installation of appropriate devices. Continue reading

What to feed a dog?


– hot (straight from the plate), cold (from the fridge), spicy, salty, fatty, sweet, smoked food;

– river fish. You can give only boiled marine. Freshwater and raw sea not ever to give, as the possibility of infection of intestinal worms;

– feed is not to give bones. Contrary to long-held misconception, bone is for the dog death. First, they are not absorbed. Secondly, can cause constipation, bowel perforation, volvulus. Especially dangerous are long bones that tend to split into sharp pieces, Bones also contribute to the rapid piecing of the teeth;

– it is impossible to constantly feed the macaroni, legume products, white bread, potatoes, peas, wheat flour products;

the dog must not know what a sausage, sausage, ham. However, it seems that these products soon will know and the person. But we know many owners that your pet is able to do incredible and does not stand up not for what costs and difficulties. In this case, everything is completely in vain. Sausages for dogs poison. They spoil the liver, and the dog runs the risk to die at a young age. Because we do not know what additives are added in the sausage, so they had an attractive appearance; Continue reading

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