The most dangerous dog breeds

Reptile ctenosaur, gavial, tuatara, the Gila monster
At the present time, the fashion for exotic animals content covered a quarter of the world population. A place of honor among Pets was taken by the turtle. Of course,…

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Golden hamsters
Golden hamsters (Syrian hamsters, a family of mammals of the rodent family. This is a small (body length 8-9. 5 cm; halved rats) tailless cute animals with nezlobnym and gentle…

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Disease of pet birds and their treatment
The fellowship of feathered friends brings a lot of positive emotions. From singing home of Ptah becomes the light of soul and in the house. When the bird suddenly stops…

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Pets. Who would I started

Instead of doing kurachi that need to pass, I decided to put together their desires regarding Pets that would like to live in a separate apartment or house.

01. I’ll start from the popular and simple — cat . It is a cat. Not a cat. Be called epic and original and talk to when bored. The same breed is not particularly critical.

A bit of training to understand simple commands in the style of “get out”, “here” (etc.), as well as not pissing and shitting in the corners. And not neutered, so when he had an overwhelming desire Remix kitties with the beautiful and fluffy tail, I with some solidarity could say to him “what, do you want e#$tsya, buddy?” and the answer is a sad “maau”.

These are not fussy creatures is the easiest way to make a home. You can even almost do not feed, the bastard shamelessly climb on the table and stealing a bite to eat.

A good option to at least not be lonely in autumn and winter evenings sitting in front of a TV/monitor with beer and this wool thing on your lap or somewhere nearby.

02. Dog. Cable or bitch not so important, but most likely all the same cable. A true and loyal friend, whom they can speak about everything and in return get trained a nod and laid on the Continue reading

A veterinary certificate or EU passport of the adopted animal

Foster animals must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate issued by the official veterinarian of the country from which the animal is carried, and if Pets are exported to third countries mentioned in the table, imported back to Lithuania – EU passport the foster animal.

Import to the Republic of Lithuania dogs, cats and ferrets from third countries not mentioned in table

Identification of Dogs, cats and ferrets are considered to be identified if they have a clearly readable tattoo or if they labeled the integrated circuit. On July 3, 2011 legitimate means of identification will be considered only integrated circuits. If the integrated circuit does not meet the ISO standard 11784 or Annex A ISO standard 11785, the owner of the pet or the person responsible for the pet during the check must provide the adaptation required to capture the necessary information encoded in the integrated circuit.

Vaccination of Dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaktsinirovano against rabies according to the recommendations of the vaccine manufacturer. Dogs, cats and ferrets can be vaktsinirovano only inactivated vaccine in which not less than one antigenic unit in a single vaccine dose (standardisering Organisation for Animal Health). Continue reading

Birds in the garden. How to attract birds

Birds in the garden is not only the joy of introducing them to wildlife and aesthetic enjoyment. It is also the most simple, economical and safe tool in the fight against insect pests, which are for birds natural prey. Attracting birds to the garden is an important part of the concept of organic gardening

You like to Wake up to a Sunny morning with the singing of birds? However, the bird’s warbling is good and on a cloudy day. They are a special ornament of our country life in winter. in many parts of the world from nature, alas, not very many other decorations. And how fun to watch the birds from the Windows of the house or from the secluded corner of the garden, when they important bustle on the lawn, busy with their avian cases.

Birds will settle in your garden or will you have frequent guests, if you will be able to provide three simple but necessary conditions: the presence of feeders, drinkers and natural forage, water for drinking and bathing . as well as birdhouses, bird houses and natural shelter for birds.

Beautiful but noisy and treacherous jays (Garrulus glandarius) live on the old maples and oaks from the neighbors. Periodically fly in to our garden. Jays – birds are paired, if you see one, the other somewhere nearby Continue reading

Pets, who to choose?

Sooner or later a moment will come when your child will ask to get a cat or dog. To date there is no consensus about whether, having small children, to have a pet. Some believe that playing with animals can lead to diseases such as ringworm and intestinal worms. Others argue about the positive influence of an animal on the formation of personality. Therefore, parents have to decide for themselves whether to prohibit to the child to have a pet or to go to meet him. Parents should remember that in case of positive answer, they have to make every effort to ensure the harmonious coexistence of their child with the animal.

Set up a dog a Dog requires a lot of care, so make it when the child is not less than 5 years. Then he will be able to help care for her. The dog is a beautiful animal that can become your child’s best friend, but you have to weigh all the pros and cons, and only then to give the child his / her consent. For a dog to care for, so ask your child if he is ready to walk my four-legged friend, comb it, etc.

Wind up cat Cat is quite a self-willed creature. But it is one of the most favorite animals for all kids. With little kittens love to play with children, and even the most restless babies fall asleep easily while listening to prietenoase purring. If the child asks to have a cat, ask him whether he is ready to take care of her, then the parents did not have to constantly Tinker with cat trays for the toilet and always clean up the hair. Continue reading

The most undemanding Pets

Most people, despite total employment dream to have a pet. Such people will suit most low-maintenance Pets:

The most common Pets that require minimum attention and care are rodents . Hamsters, Guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits and These animals do not require their owners to continually take care and do not suffer from the lack of attention.

The main thing that you want to observe in the care of rodents is the maintenance of cleanliness in the cell. Choosing a home for a pet, make sure that it was light and spacious, a sample calculation for the 1 rodent, there should be 100 by 50 sqm to Clean the cage 2-3 times a week. Food for rodents can be purchased at any pet store, in addition they enjoy eating fresh vegetables and greens.

But any animal requires its own special relationship, and before purchasing pet learn all about them. For example, caring for a Guinea pig it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of her fur. Hamsters do store food, and, cleaning the cage, not recommended too carefully to empty their pantry. And rabbits love the freedom, and must at least once a day to release from the cage. Continue reading

Mannikin(Lonchura), a genus of birds of the family of finches
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