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Everything you need to know before buying a bird

So you’ve decided to buy a decorative bird. In fact, you already have taken care about many things, for example, chose for bogushevitch name, decided on the location of the cell, went through a lot of information on the Internet about a particular kind of bird. This way you can have an opinion on the readiness to plunge into the world of pet birds. However, don’t be too hasty. There are lots of issues that potential owners can learn only after you purchase the bird. And how sometimes they wish about and didn’t know it in advance.

Ten facts you should know before you buy a decorative bird

If you read the article to the end, you probably will be able to understand what you actually need for poultry keeping in the house. You might be shocked by how radically you have to change your life if you take home a feathered friend.

You may have to acquire new cookware. Widely used as a nonstick coating Teflon can be deadly to birds. At the time of heating the coating emits toxic substances that can kill your bird in just a minute. This means that you have to spend money and replace all cookware with Teflon on pans and pots made of stainless steel or any other safe material.

Say goodbye to candles and air freshener. Scented candles, air fresheners and aromatic oils, like Teflon, can be harmful to the health of the birds because the respiratory system feathered friends are extremely sensitive to chemicals. For this reason it is recommended to refrain from indoor use of household chemicals, especially directly in the spot where the bird’s cage.

Do not smoke in the house. As you know, cigarette smoke can harm you and your pet. If you cannot stop Smoking, then at least smoke outside the room, which contains a bird. In addition, before contact with the pet wash.

Be prepared for an early awakening. Birds Wake up with the first rays of the rising sun. They will expect, and I imagine you’ll do the same. You need to be prepared to adjust your sleep schedule to adapt to their feathered pet. Immediately after waking up the bird to feed, and you have to do it every morning.

Buy yourself a really good vacuum cleaner. Birds, to put it mildly, by their nature, untidy. Be prepared for daily sweeping or vacuuming my apartment to get rid of the endless stream of husks and other debris that accumulates around the cage with your pet. Make sure that you will cope with this task before bringing a bird into the house.

Most likely you will have to get rid of some houseplants. Many of the most common houseplants are toxic to birds. You will have to replace them with new ones before you get a feathered friend.

Take a closer look at the clothes you’re wearing. Birds attract a variety of shiny objects such as jewelry or sequins on the dress. Before you communicate with the bird, will be better with shiny things. This will protect you, your pet and your belongings.

Classes with birds time-consuming. Birds, unlike cats or dogs, can not be called Pets. Tame each bird individually. If you bought a manual, can eat with hands, the bird, be sure that the formation of her character spent a lot of time and effort. This work was not in vain,you have to communicate with your pet every day. In addition, even regular daily cleaning of the cage can take much more time than you think. Before buying a bird, you must be sure that you have the opportunity every day to devote to your new friend enough time.

You have to live with high background noise. Of course, some birds can talk or sing beautifully. However, most of them just shout, chirp, cluck, squeal, chirp, COO and make other unimaginable sounds. Be sure that your bird will be no exception and will play the majority of these sounds. Moreover, the time to do this, she will choose such when you least want to hear them. If you need a bird, in advance find a way to cope with all this.

Don’t expect the bird to fully become a member of your family. Of course, you can purchase a manual bird, which quickly will get used to you. However, relative to other people your pet will show his disdain. Moreover, this behavior does not depend on species of birds, such as inherent in each of them, especially if they are only concerned one member of the family. If you buy a pet for the whole family, it is extremely important that every household has shown his concern for the bird as possible. Otherwise, your pet will choose a host, and all the rest will have to be content with only pokleennye fingers and hurt sense of pride.

If you are not frightened by the problems described above, the bird will be your perfect pet. Remember that the more you learn about the content of birds at home before buying, the better for you idle of your pet.

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