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Children and Pets

When the house appears a baby, many parents are faced with a tough decision what to do with Pets, whether nursing baby and a cat living in the same apartment or house. And in every issue their pros and cons. The first and most important, none of the animals does not automatically become a good pet. You must first educate.

If you have an apartment that animal, of course, clean and a lot of problems are automatically resolved. If a private house and pet goes outside, the pet’s health you need to think about it and before the baby is born you take the animal to

veterinary clinic and undergo all the necessary procedures. Although in a private house easier, cat usually walk a lot and sleep a lot, and in such cases contact with the child until it goes to minimum. Here in the apartment a little more difficult, the animal is constantly on the mind and in the same space as the child. If the baby is not allergic, then this neighborhood will not bring harm, the main thing that your pet understand that now he will have time to devote much less and not have been jealous of the baby. It often happens that the animals were a family member, and much attention was paid to them. With the new baby, everything changes, the animal may feel the lack of attention, and quickly realizing the reason and will start to pull the strap on itself. But such a confrontation ends very quickly, when the animal realizes that the newborn baby is not a rival. Gradually the animal privykaet baby and when the baby is missing, begins to miss him.

Although our family has turned on all the traffic. Our cat just glad when Warbler in the garden or walking on the street, she actively Warbler missing while playing with his toys. Son loves animals and plays a rather tormented her until she escapes and you can’t hide. They often play hide and seek and the cat, when he finds her, runs away, raising his tail to another place to hide. Another Warbler loves to feed the fish. He knows what time I feed them and even if I forgot something and it occupied me a Testament, and carries a chair to the aquarium to scoop food fishes. But the dogs we have, and to be honest he is a bit scared, the reason I don’t know yet, but so far the dogs won’t make him come and it does not matter the size. Although in the pictures it shows them calmly, and even shows interest. Here our dad was of the opinion that children under three years needs to be protected from animals and in this we disagree. He was always against when our cat approached Slavyano and always scolded her, though, and saw the child coming toward her. When the cat disappeared Warbler long she waited and the emergence of a new kitten, he never ceased to miss his beloved cat.

Children and Pets . I think, in better together to live and grow. Most importantly, this neighborhood has brought only positive emotions, and all will be happy family members and grandmothers and parents and children, and Pets. A small minus in this neighbourhood it is the coat of the animal, which is around the house. Many parents worry that the child for wool may cause Allergy, sometimes these fears are not unfounded, but it happens very rarely. Just need child from birth to gradually familiarize with the animal, each time increasing the duration of contact.

One big plus, for what it is worth suffering the presence of wool and all the antics of your pet. Children growing up with animals develop better. They quickly develops coordination of movements, chasing on all fours around the house for the animals, the boy there is an additional incentive that would be on her feet and scuttling to catch up with the cat or dog. Children become more sociable, easier to go on contact. Besides, gradually, the child learns to care for animals, feed or walk. Thus the child develops a sense of responsibility, and self-help skills. Besides, children growing animals, the immune system is much stronger than the boys who grow up without animals. This is because with constant contact with animals the child trains the immune system to foreign bacteria. This is not so actively, as if the kid played with street or homeless animals. Constant communication reduces the risk of infection, which may be a disease from a pet.

Children and Pets

I talked a little, and made some conclusions, I would like to hear your opinion on this issue. I appreciate your comments.

reviews (17) on Children and Pets

Don’t see the problem in that the children lived with the animals. I first got a cat, and then child)) So, the cat to throw out? The main thing – that worms and fleas was not, well and other infectious diseases. Our cat only lives at home, on the street does not walk. My daughter is 1.3 years, she loves the cat, on the street everywhere cats shows and in books! To other animals is not so kind! And “stroking” it, i.e. on the head handle has! But the cat doesn’t mind))))

Animals are different in nature. you need to choose friendly. and everything will be fine. You have a good website, Olesya. it is very important that you share your experience. I believe that solar children are unique children. These children are not just born. They have some mission, and you also have it, if you are given this unique child. I read that solar children do not know how to hate. Is that so? I whole-heartedly wish good luck. too it all started in our country in matters of unusual children.

Remember how he loved our cat is our little daughter. Wanted to sleep with her and it was only a nose nose. As we are just not chasing, and a daughter, too – all to no avail – in the morning they sleep nose to nose.

When my children were small, we gave the cat to hunt mice. We had such a problem. All would be nothing, but the children loved to carry the cat by the tail, through the skin and she answered them back – scratching. The children were scratched arms, legs and even faces. No persuasion did not help. I had a pet give it back. Therefore, to have a pet need when it will not be to the detriment of the child.

If a child grows up with a pet is great, the child quickly develops, accustomed kindness, responsibility and independence. Thanks for the interesting article. Good Luck To You!

Without fear watched as the cat slept on our children, when they and the month was not.The cat we have is not large, lightweight (and her name says – Herring)) and child-like warmth.

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