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Birds in the garden. How to attract birds

Birds in the garden is not only the joy of introducing them to wildlife and aesthetic enjoyment. It is also the most simple, economical and safe tool in the fight against insect pests, which are for birds natural prey. Attracting birds to the garden is an important part of the concept of organic gardening

You like to Wake up to a Sunny morning with the singing of birds? However, the bird’s warbling is good and on a cloudy day. They are a special ornament of our country life in winter. in many parts of the world from nature, alas, not very many other decorations. And how fun to watch the birds from the Windows of the house or from the secluded corner of the garden, when they important bustle on the lawn, busy with their avian cases.

Birds will settle in your garden or will you have frequent guests, if you will be able to provide three simple but necessary conditions: the presence of feeders, drinkers and natural forage, water for drinking and bathing . as well as birdhouses, bird houses and natural shelter for birds.

Beautiful but noisy and treacherous jays (Garrulus glandarius) live on the old maples and oaks from the neighbors. Periodically fly in to our garden. Jays – birds are paired, if you see one, the other somewhere nearby

Feeders and natural food for birds

Hang on the garden feeders . Feeders should be located in open places with a good view, but close to natural shelters (tree, shrub). This arrangement gives at least partial protection from predatory birds and cats. Always keep feeders clean. If you start to feed birds, provide fresh food regularly, especially in winter.

To attract birds to permanent residence, plant the plants that provide for birds natural food throughout the year . Fortunately, most of these plants are highly decorative and will look great in any garden.

The males of the blackbirds – blue-black and the females brown

Fruit-berry and decorative trees and shrubs (even inedible for humans berries) provide a reliable feed for birds in autumn and winter. In addition to the usual fruit trees and shrubs, note the ornamental berry bushes: Mahoney, pyracantha, wild Apple, Holly, barberry, hawthorn. Flowering fragrant shrubs and flowers during the flowering these plants attract their scent, pollen and nectar many insects, some of which becomes the prey of birds.

Birds, undoubtedly, rejoice with feed scattered on the ground (it may be the remains of cereals and vegetables from your table). Leave food for birds is better in flower beds or in the garden, not on the lawn. Then the natural fertilizer will go directly to the destination (and not get caught your play on the lawn baby), and birds along the way will be able to Supplement their diet of pests with your plants.

Exotic Mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) will live next to the garden pond

Birdhouses, natural shelter and safety

Birdhouses and other houses for the birds, you can buy or build with their hands (a great activity with kids !). Attach birdhouses to warm the wall of the house or to the South side of the tree trunk to provide their feathered inhabitants protection from rain and scorching sun, but also from hunting for eggs or nestlings (cats, grey squirrels or birds of prey). Cleaned the birdhouses need once a year, preferably in autumn.

Protection of birds from predators and the weather . and a lovely place to stay and adult offspring provide hedges of varying heights. Birds find shelter in dry leaves. which accumulate at the bottom of the hedge, so it’s best to leave them intact at least until spring. The best hedge is obtained from shrubs, which, along with shelter, providing birds and feed. Spring haircut like this fence should be done after the berries are all crumbled.

Squirrel stole lawn with a piece of bread that I throw to the birds. Nimble squirrel eating a magpie looks at her with hungry eyes. Magpies are very beautiful and we have many of them

Meadow garden areas and parts of the lawn with longer grass provide excellent natural shelter for small birds. Try to create a garden in a corridor . connecting security zones for birds. For example, suppose after a hedge starts a lawn with longer grass bordering ground cover plants. which are adjacent to densely planted mixborders, which leads to a natural garden area.

Water for drinking and bathing

Water is essential for birds each day for drinking and bathing . Birds find water by flying to the nearby natural bodies of water or just visiting a nearby puddle. If the source of water will be in your garden, then around it will be collected birds from all over the nearby neighborhood. A small pond can become a whole island of wildlife in your garden.

To those who live near farmers ‘ fields, if you’re lucky, you enter the garden there are beautiful pheasants . You can lure them with grain and potatoes. Green woodpecker periodically descends from the trees on our lawn (sometimes with his girlfriend) to parity worms in the grass. Woodpeckers are very curious

If the pond in your garden, you can buy at the garden centre, a special drinking bowl or birdbath, or even to arrange a small makeshift pond with their hands . Will fit any improvised material: the cover is inverted from the tank or from a large deep pot, old bowl, filled with water. Rain water for birds is better than water. Ideally, if your pond will be designated and deeper, and smaller: it is convenient and safe for birds of different sizes. The basic requirements for a bird bath are the same as for feeders: open a safe location, contents clean and constant availability of fresh water.

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