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What Pets cause allergies in children?

And how to protect children from outbreaks of this

Communication with our smaller brethren brings great joy and even has a healing effect. And children more responsibility and the ability to care about who is weaker and bespomoschno you. That’s why most parents don’t refuse the child when he asks to buy him a kitten, puppy or even a hamster. But in this ointment is the fly in the ointment – Pets can be a source of allergies.


The onset of the Allergy often associated with animal fur, but is actually the cause of the disease be the dander, saliva, urine, feathers, fluff and other products of their vital activity. An Allergy can manifest: rhinitis – runny nose and nasal congestion; conjunctivitis – swelling, eye redness, watery eyes; asthma, which is characterized by dry cough, wheezing in the chest, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or asthma; atopic dermatitis – a rash on the skin, itching.

What animal can approach allergic?

The most secure those animals that produce little waste products in the environment. This fish and reptiles. But allergic reactions in children often occur in fish feed.

Rodents that live in cages and aquariums, razbrasivayutsya in a limited area, but for Allergy sufferers dangerous can be their urine and faeces, contact with which is unavoidable when cleaning the cage.

Birds, even without leaving the cells, become a source of dust mites because of their fluff and the feathers are still carried throughout the room.

Hay fever, dreaming about cat or dog find pet among the unusual breeds. In the first place is a hairless cat (Sphynx) and dogs (Mexican hairless, Chinese crested).

The absence of hair reduces the spread of waste products in the home and prevents the dust concentration in the animal. But as compensation for the lack of wool skin glands in these animals have greater secretory activity, and so require more frequent washing than their hairy brethren. Do Wirehaired dogs (many Terriers and Schnauzer) almost no shedding. With regular washing and visit the “dog salon” for trimming, the number of allergens in the house from the dogs of these breeds can be minimized. Breed with a mutated hairline, on a structure similar to a human hair, do not shed, but require regular cutting. Among cats is Rex, but among dogs – Yorkshire Terriers, poodles and Bedlington Terriers.

Statistics vs. hypothesis

“The AMF . Health” recommends

If the allergies have to live with the animals in the same house, you need: >> try to avoid prolonged contact with it; >> more likely to wash their pet (1-2 times a week), but not for himself, and entrusted it to someone from family members; >> after contact with animals and things to wash your hands and change the clothes (as is often the cause of allergic diseases may be not only animals, but also their food, fillers for the toilet, toolsmedia, toys…); >> to remove the items collecting allergens: carpets, rugs, heavy curtains, open bookshelves…; >> daily wet cleaning of the apartment, use of air cleaners, a vacuum cleaner with special filters and anti-Allergy cleaning products.

Allergy is very individual and unpredictable, the person may break out in the presence of a bald Sphinx and quietly gets on with the Persian cat. Often Allergy occurs only in puberty pet, cat tag or highlight an animal in heat.

Then can help sterilization/castration of your pet. In poor care, poor feeding and some diseases of the skin of the animal may suffer, and enhanced molting and damage to the skin significantly increases the number of allergens in the environment.

Therefore, it is risky to take an animal with a genetic propensity to skin diseases, try to learn about breed diseases and health of the ancestors of their future pet.

Lately calls allergists to isolate children from potential allergens is increasingly criticized. Scientific studies show that close contact with animals in early childhood tempering allows the child’s immune system, making it indifferent to allergens of animal origin.

In addition, the communication with animals has a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves stress, which causes the development of asthma, atopic dermatitis and other diseases.

According to statistics, children growing up without communicating with Pets, Allergy is found in 15,5% of cases, if the house is occupied by one animal, the probability of Allergy is reduced to 12%, but the owners of two or more animal Pets Allergy occurs only in 8% of cases.

Check for compatibility

But still need to follow certain guidelines to best protect yourself and your loved ones. Defining the type and breed of animal you want to purchase, swipe Allergy test from a specialist, preferably with individually prepared reagent, taking the sample from a vending animal. Allergy causes a specific allergen. So, for example, a person that reacts to dog saliva, you may not be allergic to cat hair.

Another reliable way to identify the child’s possible allergies before you buy a kitten or puppy to spend a few hours. This kid needs to stroke the animal, to hold him to her. If after close contact allergic reactions will not be found, you can purchase this pet, but it is better to discuss the possibility of his return at occurrence of distant allergic reactions. And just in case during verification have antihistaminic agent.

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