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What to feed a dog?


– hot (straight from the plate), cold (from the fridge), spicy, salty, fatty, sweet, smoked food;

– river fish. You can give only boiled marine. Freshwater and raw sea not ever to give, as the possibility of infection of intestinal worms;

– feed is not to give bones. Contrary to long-held misconception, bone is for the dog death. First, they are not absorbed. Secondly, can cause constipation, bowel perforation, volvulus. Especially dangerous are long bones that tend to split into sharp pieces, Bones also contribute to the rapid piecing of the teeth;

– it is impossible to constantly feed the macaroni, legume products, white bread, potatoes, peas, wheat flour products;

the dog must not know what a sausage, sausage, ham. However, it seems that these products soon will know and the person. But we know many owners that your pet is able to do incredible and does not stand up not for what costs and difficulties. In this case, everything is completely in vain. Sausages for dogs poison. They spoil the liver, and the dog runs the risk to die at a young age. Because we do not know what additives are added in the sausage, so they had an attractive appearance;

– senone should know the taste of sugar and sweets. Sweets spoil the appetite, disturb digestion. In addition, they destroy the teeth and extremely adversely affect the eyes, which begin to tear;

– do not feed pork and fat mutton, raw chicken;

– in a dog food, you can’t add spices: pepper, Bay leaf, hot tomato sauce;

– feed the foul and pochissimi products.

The dog is a carnivorous creature, is therefore the Foundation should serve as feed protein products: meat, mostly raw, dairy products, eggs. On cereals soups and the good puppy will not grow. They contribute to the looseness of the Constitution.

Meat. It is recommended to give only beef, and mostly raw. Many dogs annoying smell of blood and raw meat they refuse. In this case, it is necessary to scald with boiling water or stir-fry. To a year the pup should be given in the day of 50 g for each kilogram of body weight. An adult dog can be given about 200-250 grams of meat a day. Liver, kidney, heart, udder contain a lot of nutrients, but to give them should be well boiled. In feeding meat should always add chopped vegetables. Bones give ever. But this rule has an exception. It refers only to soft cartilage, and then only in small quantities. You can give boiled chicken neck, previously broken with a hammer.

Dairy products. In the first place, of course, cottage cheese as your main source of good digestible calcium. The puppy under one year should be calcinated curd, which have to prepare themselves. To do this in a pint of boiling milk add 2 tablespoons of 10% calcium chloride. Clotted curds drain in a sieve. When the whey will drain, cool slightly and give to the puppy. The remaining serum can be left for drinking or brewing it oat flakes “Hercules”, to give another feeding. Milk is food, not drink. It is very useful, but some of the dogs from him weak. Kefir, yogurt good influence on digestion, very useful. In cereal and vegetable mixtures you may want to add grated cheese. It is also convenient to use as treats when training.

Eggs. The product is very nutritious. Raw yolks are best to give mixed with dairy products or cereal. Junk raw protein, moreover, it is not digested. Eggs can be fed cooked soft-boiled or as omelet. The systematic cold feeding only one or two eggs a week.

Cereals and bread. These products may not be the main food of the Cocker, but in small quantities their use is quite acceptable and even necessary. The nutritional value of cereals is not equal. In the first place – “Hercules”. It should be soaked in kefir, whey, broth, milk. It is better not to cook, and an adult dog to do to give crude flakes. It is permissible to boil the puppy porridge rice, buckwheat, millet. Pearl barley is irritating the intestine of the puppy, so need to give in small amounts, but it is better to eliminate from the diet. When cooking porridge with milk well add the cabbage, carrots, pumpkin and other vegetables except potato. Adult dog and puppy-teenager should definitely offer to chew on rusks from rye bread.

Vegetables. Carrot, cabbage, pumpkin, turnips, zucchini, beets and other vegetables useful to provide a finely chopped or grated, adding small amounts of butter or sour cream. Raw chopped greens – parsley, lettuce, onion and garlic, dill – a great vitamin Supplement to main feed. Puppies can make the vegetable mix and as a separate dish. Helpful raw fruits and berries, dried fruits. Boiled pumpkin porridge good food as a vitamin and a sedative. Organizing feeding your puppy, keep in mind that dairy products, especially cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits need to train your puppy from an early age.

Garlic. Melkorublenyh raw garlic (1 clove) on a slice of bread with butter is useful to give the puppy and adult dog weekly as a sedative.

Raisins, dried fruits, cheese. All this is convenient and useful bait, which is used as encouragement when training.

Sol. The dog requires much less salt than man. So salting your food is not necessarily enough time in the week to give a piece of herring.

Chalk, charcoal. Apparently, they needed the pup in the period of intensive growth and development of bone. The pieces should be available for dogs. As needed she will chew,

In the mixed dentition (3 to 7 months), it is recommended to give your puppy 2-3 tablets of zinc gluconate or lactate of calcium per day. If the puppy doesn’t eat the calcium tablets, it is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder and add to food.

Information from the Veterinary centre ZOOVET

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