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Common problems of pet rodents

Decorative mouse, funny hamsters, plump Guinea pig and ferret and chinchilla have become our Pets. They take up little space and is considered to be a low maintenance and omnivores. However, all is not so simple, and often from the fact that the owner does not know the basic rules of care and feeding, Pets happen trouble.

For Example: The Common Cold . It is frequent, and the most common disease. To her lead n Loga hygiene cells, the substance at low temperatures, dampness, drafts. The disease is manifested by sneezing, nasal discharge, cough, difficulty breathing (wheezing), lacrimation, congestion in the respiratory tract of phlegm. The behavior of a sick animal is changing – he sleeps more, becomes sluggish, not eating well. I zahvoravšij pet’s ears pressed to his head, the fur loses its luster, around the nose found bloody scabs.

Noticing this, you should immediately create conditions for recovery – move the house fluffy patient a warm place to thoroughly clean the cage with bleach, and lay on the bottom of the litter and do everything to make your pet warm and cozy.

The diet should be additionally administered in vegetables, fruits, dry nettle, wheat germ – foods rich in vitamins A, C, E and group B. To improve the General condition can be given a glucose solution to vypaivanija to put her injections in the region of the withers. Do not take animal or to disturb when he sleeps. If cold symptoms worsen you should show your pet to the vet.

Scabies . From time to time the rodents suffer from skin diseases. The causative agents of scabies mites are a type of arthropods. Animal becomes infected through contact with other sick animals, or through household items, as well as through clothing and human hands.

A sick animal is experiencing severe itching that delivers the anxiety. Rodents scratching the skin can form ulcers and crusts. In the nose, ears, armpits and under the tail may locally fall fur. Scabies may be complicated by a secondary infection that enters the body through scratching.

Common symptoms is anxiety, poor appetite. Skin parasites contribute to decreased immunity and fluffy if the patient is not treated, scabies can lead to exhaustion and even death.

If you find scabs or damaged skin – quickly show the animal technician rodents.

Colibacillus. This infectious disease, also known as “wet tail”. Cause pathology E. coli. It is assumed that the infection is transmitted through household items, upon contact of a diseased animal with a healthy and airborne. Most often this disease suffer hamsters, rats and mice; Guinea pigs and larger rodents get sick less often.

Affected animals there is a lack of appetite and lethargy, accompanied by watery diarrhoea (a symptom of “wet tail”). But not all diarrhea means colibacillus. Sometimes loose stools of the animal occurs on a background of stress, dietary changes, etc. “harmless” factors. Any diarrhea is a cause for concern, so when the first symptoms should consult a veterinarian.

At home to alleviate the condition of the animal can be given “Linex” and other similar drugs to restore the normal intestinal microflora. To reduce painful spasms will help but-shpa, papaverine or. Additionally, you can inject the glucose in the region of the withers at the rate of 1 ml of 5% glucose solution per 100 g of body weight of the animal. Also shown is the feeding saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride).

From the nutrition of the sick animal should be excluded vegetables and fruit, going on hay and grain, and to ensure the normal drinking regime. If one cell contains multiple animals, it patients should immediately be isolated and well clean out the cage. Further care is to start with a healthy pet, and only then to carry out hygienic procedures in patients.

With timely treatment (at the first symptoms of the disease) the prognosis for the cure of colibacillosis favorable, in the absence of care and late treatment for veterinary care is a high risk of death.

Obesity. This disease occurs because of overfeeding and lack of exercise. Overweight often leads to problems with the heart, blood vessels and lungs. Pets with obesity are sedentary, eat a lot and sleep. If the pet is not treated, obesity can lead to death.

Pet rodents, especially hamsters and rats, are often obese. The most effective in this case, correction of diet and an increase in motor load. In pet stores you can easily find specialized diet food, balanced composition of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Giving such food, you will know that the pet has received all the necessities of life without excess calories.

For increasing the motor load buy a bigger house, equip it to the running wheel, mazes, ladders and ropes. Do not forget about walks in the fresh air in the warm season the cage with the pet just go on the balcony, in the shade Fresh air improves the mood and metabolism of rodents.

In addition, in the development of obesity is of great importance stress. Animals experiencing chronic stress, usually eat far more than their “happy” counterparts and therefore get fat. Stress occurs because of incorrect content, close neighborhood of a few rodents that do not get along with each other, and abuse.

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