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American Staffordshire Terrier
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Disease of pet birds and their treatment

The fellowship of feathered friends brings a lot of positive emotions. From singing home of Ptah becomes the light of soul and in the house. When the bird suddenly stops fun to tweet in the morning, arises anxiety. It is important to look at the appearance and condition of the ward. Room decorative birds, like other Pets, are susceptible to various diseases. Diseases of pet birds it is easier to prevent than to cure. Timely recognition of the disease will quickly “cure” the bird.

Monotonous feeding pet birds, leading to the lack of vitamins in the body of the bird and spread the disease called beriberi. During the deficiency of room the birds become lethargic, sedentary and don’t eat. To bring bird energy to be included in the diet of various food. We must try to find delicacy, which like a bird and which contain sufficient amount of vitamins. If the bird does not want to take another food or vitamin deficiency started, it is necessary to instill vitamins using dropper in the beak or add water.

Infectious laryngotracheitis is a viral disease in which inflamed pharynx and trachea pigeons, parrots, kanreki other pet birds. The acute form of the disease affects the appearance of birds. They sit with their eyes closed and refuse to eat. When breathing birds make a kind of quacking sound beak constantly open. The disease may be accompanied by tearing and discharge openings of the beak. Laryngotracheitis treated mainly with antibiotics and prevention is applied to the conjunctiva vaccine or RUB it in the sewer. Cells should be treated with boiling water.

Psittacosis in poultry is caused by a cloak. The infection is transmitted through the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract. Psittacosis insidious that in the early stages of development of a disease similar to beriberi – lack of appetite, drowsiness. Keen psittacosis accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and diarrhea. Psittacosis is treated with antibiotics of broad-spectrum. The cure added to porridge prepared from cereals in the following ratio – two parts of rice and two parts of oats is taken, three parts of water. The dishes, nests, toys that are in the cell and the cell itself, be sure to disinfect or destroy, and the entire inventory replaced. Premises where home may be a bird, should be carefully disinfected.

Room birds, especially young ones, often become infected by helminths – intestinal parasites. In the litter found individual parasites or whole balls. Infection with worms occurs through dirty bedding or feed cells contaminated by diseased birds. For the treatment of birds the size of budgies, applies fifty milligram of the anthelmintic drug, dissolved in water. For recovery, the medicine give a bird two days in a row.

Wavy parrots, Canaries and other birds room are attacked by blood-sucking mites and puhapaev. Infection of parasites takes place while the birds in the air (open balcony) from birds living in the wild or from newly acquired birds or equipment. When infected with mites bird rushes around the cage, constantly itching. Inspect all mounting points of the cage and perch, as well as the folds of skin under the bird’s wings and inner thighs. These are favorite places of mites that are hiding from the light.

Properiety feed on blood, particles of skin, feathers, causing the birds skin itching, bald patches and dermatitis. Flight and tail feathers covered with small holes. Room birds become restless and scratched legs and beak of affected areas. At the same time the birds body is weakened and reduced resistance to various diseases.

Finding the mite or pogoed should be treated with dichlorvos or carbazolyl the cage with the equipment and the area where the cage pet (table, window sill, etc.). Cell Asprovalta boiling water and processed secticides or acaricidal preparations and washed again with water. The bird is deposited in a clean place and in the plumage of the birds (in the neck, the rump, under the wings) swab or brush is rubbed with a powder of pyrethrum or of the usual kerosene. By repeating these procedures for several days gets rid of the bird pests.

Proper maintenance of poultry in captivity, care and regular preventive measures would save the bird from diseases that bring great sorrow to the owner and suffering to the bird.

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