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How to feed a puppy and what to feed your puppy?

Dry food is firmly established in a dog’s diet and make life easier for dog owners. And, yet, many adhere to traditional natural food, believe that when I see what to feed the dog and feel more confident.

If You decide to feed your puppy dry food, do not skimp by buying cheap bags in supermarkets and market stalls. Replacement natural food your dog will provide feed only super premium foods and premium. They are more expensive, but a single piece of quality feed less than recommended when using dry mixes. When the dog dry food is suitable, it retains the shape (moderately fat), with a shiny and healthy coat. We tried a sufficient quantity of feed, and opted for Royal Canin . Read more about aft here .

The Council. To combine dry food with natural absolutely forbid many veterinarians and sovetuete most professional breeders. With this mixture the stomach and liver dog dose get unbalanced and suffer from the load.

THE MODE OF FEEDING. The number of feedings in 8-12 weeks – four to five times a day, from 12 weeks to six months – three times a day.

The diet of the puppy with any type of feeding, of course, depends on its age, weight and size. Therefore, the portions for your puppy you should usnato breeder, in a section of the club or at home vet. To learn and to adjust them for his dog. Namely, the portions eaten after the puppy has to be fed, but still just a bit further was hungry.

A few General tips.

a bowl of clean water should always be available, especially when feeding dry food! Dry food takes from the body a large amount of fluid, lack of water can lead to dehydration.

– Each new type of food to add slowly and watch the reaction of intestine and skin allergic reactions.

– When signs of diarrhea or constipation to eliminate food from the diet, take a break, to try to give at an older age.

– Natural food should always be fresh. An adult dog will survive processui porridge, the puppy may become seriously ill.

– The food given in the form of heat, meat and fish from the freezer pre-thawed, pour the boiling water.

– Vegetables and fruits are greasy, the vegetables peeled, nettle pour over boiling water.

– Cereals with an expired date and musty odor emitted.

– Dairy products are purchased in original packaging or a long time trusted manufacturers.

raw meat is given to the puppy only high-quality, trim can get old fat and liver.

– Having started to feed the puppy a new product, give it periodically, so that the taste will not be forgotten, an adult dog to habituate to the new feed harder.

– puppies and adult dogs it is impossible to give a spicy, salty, smoked products, coffee, textured chicken and meat bones, pork fat, raw river fish, beans, pearl barley and fine ground barley.

– The consistency of food should be like a thick soup or porridge, without pieces.


Taking a puppy at two months of age you can give him the following products:

MEAT (beef, lamb, horsemeat) is given first in the form of skoblenko or stuffing (some breeders do not recommend stuffing), as they grow up, cut into pieces – at the rate of 20 mg per kilogram of body weight of the puppy.

Organ meats (kidneys, liver, heart, lungs) are boiled (cook for 15-20 minutes).

BEEF TRIPE (stomachs shelled) given in raw form, cut into pieces or quenched with water in a closed (the smell is not pleasant…) ware.

CHICKEN. Chicken heads, necks and legs can be boiled for soups cereals. To strip meat from bones and add to the porridge. BOILED BONES TO THROW!

Sea FISH without bones – raw. River fish with no bones in cooked form. For puppies of large breeds can grind sea raw fish together with bones 2-3 times in a meat grinder, is more in the bones of phosphorus.

OIL – creamy, vegetable, is added to the vegetables, cereals. You can give the oil with pureed into small current raw carrots. The carotene in carrots is absorbed only in the presence of oil.

CEREALS. Rice, buckwheat, millet, cooked in water, milk or broth, are meat, cheese, egg, vegetables. Oat groats zaparivayut boiling water. For oatmeal accustom caution – sometimes causes an upset.

VEGETABLES. Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, beets, pumpkin, salads with vegetable oil, as well as in stewed or boiled.

GREENS. The seedlings of cereals, lettuce, beetroot, garlic leaves are added to salads, cereals, soups. You can weld to cast broth, porridge a couple of minutes before final cooking.

FRUIT. Apples, pears, berries, bananas, melons, dried fruits but seeds, walnuts.

MILK REPAIRS. Cottage cheese, homemade cheese, cheese, unsweetened yogurt, kefir, milk (adult dogs do not take milk).

CALCINED CURD. For the preparation you need fresh milk (ordinary shop 2.5%), and a solution of calcium chloride is sold in pharmacies freely. Postavlyaetsya as follows: Boil the milk, immediately after removing from the heat add in the milk solution of calcium chloride. To prevent 1-2 minutes – the milk will immediately curdle. Squeeze through cheesecloth, after 15 -20 minutes you can feed the puppy. Proportions: 1 liter of milk – 3 tablespoons of calcium chloride.

EGGS – scrambled, boiled, raw egg yolk, washed from the protein.

HONEY added to milk together with egg yolk (the main drink for the puppies).

Dried rye BREAD. fresh biscuits, rusks are given after a meal or as a treat in training.

As treats you can give raw beef BONES sugar. Bones are given after meals.

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