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A doctor’s advice on the content of small Pets.

Bathe no more often than once a month not to damage the skin’s natural moisture balance of the animal. Glycerol, vaseline and soap or special shampoos that you can buy at the pet store or veterinary pharmacy.

To trim the claws as the claws grow, in order to avoid twisting, ingrown and breaking. The first procedure should be carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian. When self-grooming, you can damage the claw, resulting in cracks, wounds. You can also cause emotional distress to an animal (particularly sensitive to procedure cats), which will certainly affect his health.

Wipe your eyes and clean your ears as pollution, special lotions, which also can be purchased at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy. With redness of eyes, ears, abundant revealing the secret that you are itching, you must consult your veterinarian.

Comb to remove dead hairs, to avoid tangling. If the tangles form very often and very quickly, you should contact the veterinarian: possibly impaired metabolism, lack of vitamins, or in the body occur some changes.

To check the occupancy perianalny glands (located near the anus), if necessary, cleaned. Symptoms fullness may be frequent vylizyvanie, “riding on the ass”, swelling and soreness (appears when running the form). The first procedure should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

No matter, it feeds your pet with food or feed, there are a number of mandatory rules of nutrition

To comply with the regime. The animal must eat at the same time.

Not to overfeed. The symptom can sometimes be hiccups.

To comply with the diet. Feed should be either “homemade” food or feed.

If you have chosen for your pet home diet, do not forget about vitamins and minerals. For example, for puppies and kittens under one year the necessary calcium.

If you prefer to feed your pet food, pay attention to proper storage (wet food and canned food should be kept in the fridge). Buy food in specialized stores, don’t forget the expiration date and do not buy packaged food! Upon contact with oxygen, oxidation reaction, in addition, it may be overdue. Feed the animal the food is intended for him (for example, in no case do not feed cat food to dogs).

The diet is chosen individually depending on the breed, age, physical activity, gastrointestinal tract and other indicators of the animal. If you have difficulty with the choice, the diet may help to find a veterinarian.

Vaccination is a mandatory preventive measure against viral, fungal diseases, and diseases common to humans and animals – zooanthroponosis (rabies, leptospirosis, brucellosis, chlamydia, microspores, etc.)

Vaccines can be divided on such indicators as: purpose, manufacturing, vaccination scheme, type of animal, etc.

Vaccination is not just an injection, and the creation of active immunity by injecting a weakened virus into the body. In the process, the animal perevalivaet this disease in a mild form, and in the presence of hidden pathological processes, grafting can worsen the condition of the animal. The doctor holds the control and, if necessary, preventive and therapeutic measures.

Therefore, vaccination is only carried out by veterinary specialists, with licenses and permits! Clubs do not have the right to vaccinate animals!

Research and vaccination against especially dangerous zooantroponoznyh diseases are obligatory according to the Legislation of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that according to veterinary-sanitary regulations, the export of the animal outside the city limits without a note about vaccination against rabies is impossible .

In addition to mandatory vaccinations, the specialists of the state veterinary clinics vaccinations for viral diseases, which can be very dangerous for your pet.

And remember, to prevent is easier than cure. Ignoring the vaccination, you are putting yourself and your pet at serious risk.

Deworming is mandatory for all types of animals, especially at a young age, as young animals are particularly at risk of intoxication due to the large number of worms.

The procedure is carried out every three months or every six months (when feeding dry food). Selection of drugs carried out by the veterinary physician individually depending on the species, age, weight of the animal. Also, deworming is mandatory before vaccination.

Treatment against fleas and ticks

Treatment may be curative and preventive. Prevention is held in the home of drugs that can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy.

Treatment of tick-borne dermatitis or otitis is only carried out by veterinary experts. If otodektoz (ear mites) symptoms can be severe itching, increased salootdelenie. With external and intradermal parasites symptoms can appear from mild redness and itching, ulcers, scratching, wool loss, desquamation and, consequently, suppuration. In this case, you must consult a doctor.

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