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Feeding puppies

At birth the body of the puppy is experiencing a lot of stress, because he received the energy necessary for development from mother, and now he begins to breathe, to eat independently, yet their mother’s milk. And in the future he will need to go on a regular adult dog foods. And with each step, the role of man.I am writing this material based on experience feeding puppies of the boxer. but in principle they are suitable for puppies of all breeds of dogs.

What to feed a puppy?

Remember that taking any decisions about feeding, if you have no practical experience, be sure to consult with your veterinarian or breeder – will always help! Let’s conditionally divide the development of the puppy for several periods


After birth it is important to allow the mother to give the okay to get a puppy, it is not only hygiene and protection from disease, but stimulation of the intestine. After that, you can put the puppy to his mother, he has an innate sucking reflex and he knows what to do. Colostrum or first milk, in addition to the nutrients, and passes the mother’s immunity to the puppy. Most dairy nipples is the latest. Among puppies, especially in large litters there is an active struggle for survival from the earliest days. So you definitely have to ponder them, better 2 times a day. Important not the absolute numbers and dynamics. For example, the puppy weighs 400 g, on the first day scored 20 grams, 30 second, etc. If the puppy suddenly stopped to gain weight, razobratsia attention to it, try to determine the cause, can be pushed away from the chest or that has been already empty. Check that it is indeed stuck or just smacking. Under normal circumstances, in order to detach the puppy from your chest, you will have to make an effort. When he sucks the milk, there is a vacuum and the puppy acts as a “sucker”. If the puppy is more than a day is not gaining weight – go to the vet. Before eyes were opened (about 10 days), puppies depend completely on mother’s milk. Then begins the process of bait. It happens gradually – the number of complementary foods increases, the share of mother’s milk decreases. Approximately 15 day puppies begin to cut their teeth and they start biting the mother while eating, while decreasing the amount of milk the bitch, and the month they move on to regular dry food for puppies. Now many manufacturers offer food for puppies of various breeds of dogs. Pay special attention to composition and balance. Feel free to ask questions – all large manufacturers have hotlines for consultations by phone or email. Options feed here you can see the Bait consists of soaked dry food for puppies. yogurt, cottage cheese. We started with a mixture of cottage cheese 2-4% and kefir 1-3 %, were fluffed in a blender. Started with 1 tbsp, if the stool is normal, brought to replace 1 feeding completely. The same principle was introduced dry food for puppies in the litter diet. Soaked for 1-2 hours food and mashing the blender to a paste, gradually increased the amount and frequency of feeding. You can also accustom to the cereals. We used rice or buckwheat, some use jars of baby food, their large selection and you can pick up a mixture that is suitable for puppies.

Special cases

There is no possibility to feed the puppy the mother’s milk. In this case, a bitch, or milk, or infant formulas for infants. Be sure to consult with experienced people or a vet. Anthelminthic drugs. Usually before the first vaccination the puppies 2-3 times with an interval of 10 days riding worms. The first inoculation in 40-45 days. Carefully read the instructions on the use of anthelmintic drugs. There is an opinion that before and after taking medicines it is better not to give dairy products – cheese, yogurt.

Puppy 1 month

To month puppies almost entirely on the diet without mother’s milk. They still eat 6-8 times a day. Usually 3-4 meals of soaked dry food, 3-4 times a mixture of cottage cheese and yogurt. Gradually increase the interval between meals, enter much night break from 23 until 7 in the morning, reduce the number of meals to 4-5 times a day. I usually start to accustom them to different fruits, a slice of Apple, a little banana.Also, AMI can give the first little bits of boiled Turkey or chicken. The first inoculation in 40-50 days.After the first vaccination puppies usually go to new owners. We usually recommend not to change the diet for the first 1-2 weeks, give a supply of food for a few days. Puppy changes of living conditions, better change the diet to push for time.

The puppy is 2 months

We must determine how to feed a puppy dry food usually is. If you have to cook homemade meals, try to make it varied and balanced. At home it is difficult and often used supplements. There are various types of supplements. vitamin complexes. specialized for bone growth etc. Second vaccination in 70-80 days.

Puppy 3 months

The end of the incubation period start of walks. Make sure that your pet didn’t eat any crap. Read what he can and cannot have. Especially if you are in the country, pay for all sorts of fertilizer more often than not they are poisonous.

Puppy 4 months

This young dog already and need to think about changing feed on age once again let me remind you that taking any decisions about feeding, if you have no practical experience, be sure to consult with your veterinarian or breeder!

How much feed to give your puppy?

Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, you will see how the puppy for satiety. Note the relationship of amount and volume of food with physical activity. In Moscow the majority of pet dogs overfed.

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