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Veterinary clinic

Our veterinary hospital is pleased to welcome all its customers! Our veterinary clinic offers a wide range of services for your beloved Pets. Pets, friends, an inexhaustible source of joy and positivity. But they need professional care and sometimes emergency veterinary care, they can feel bad, get sick, get injured, get bored and be in a bad mood. If your pet had an accident or you want to make him look true professionals we are waiting for you in our veterinary clinic.

What services does the vet:

home veterinary care;


consultations of experienced vets;

vaccination of animals;

treatment of diseases;


assistance in grooming, claws;


spaying, neutering;

laboratory and diagnostic studies;

inpatient treatment of Pets.

Pets are not like people, although in this matter they have much in common with us. Cats, dogs, rodents, birds — they all have one feature: if you are unwell, the first signs of illness do not appear immediately, but after some time. And colcountry state give symptoms almost from the first hours of the disease.

With this in mind, owners must remember that animals are secretive, patient during the illness, therefore if your pet sad, depressed, inactive, do not expect the gain of pathological symptoms, and immediately contact the vet. External signs are often deceptive. Only an experienced veterinarian, having conducted the survey using the diagnostic power of the veterinary clinic, can determine the true causes of deterioration of health of your pet.

Characteristic symptoms of diseases of domestic animals

Diseases found in cats are different, but most have similar characteristics. Any disease somehow affects the mood of the animal and its behavior. Your pet may look sad, depressed or too anxious and restless. Pitiful sounds of animals begin to publish when they are concerned about pain, if they have a high body temperature. The appetite of all the sick Pets, as a rule, reduced.

Pay special attention to digestion. If the animal has diarrhea or constipation, the stool shows signs of blood, mucus, and immediately contact to the vet. Sometimes faster and more comfortable to call the doctor at home. Our veterinary clinic provides this service. A competent specialist will examine your pet in familiar surroundings, and you don’t have to transport a pet by exposing it to additional stress.

So, the most dangerous symptoms are:

diarrhea, constipation;


high body temperature;


the refusal of food;

cough, noisy breathing;

loss of consciousness;

yellowing of the mucous membranes;

bleeding from the genital tract.

In our veterinary clinic, you can contact not only in the presence of the disease, but also to conduct routine inspections, scheduled or emergency vaccination. Vets recommend that all pet owners to regularly visit the veterinary clinic to conduct examinations and consultations, vaccinations productions, examination of skin, hair Pets.

Getting veterinary care

Our veterinary clinic has everything necessary to provide quality veterinary services:

the staff of professional veterinarians;

modern equipment;

the ability to conduct all major types of diagnostics;

innovative methods of screening, treatment;

safe immunological drugs, vaccines, which can be used to prevent the development of infectious diseases.

The specialists of our veterinary clinics are distinguished by their approach to each client. We try to give as much attention to animals and their owners, to create optimal conditions for cooperation: a comfortable space and cabinets, innovative technical equipment, the friendly attitude of the medical staff.

Veterinarians provide consulting services. Experienced doctors of our veterinary clinic will be happy to advise you on any matter, will help you choose food, vitamin preparations, develop a plan for therapeutic feeding, vaccination. Specialists of the veterinary clinic are actively expanding their knowledge in the field of veterinary. They increase skills, implement in their practical activity innovative medicines that help effectively deal with a variety of diseases of domestic animals.

Our veterinary clinic will give you nice prices for quality service, comprehensive services, top-notch training. Veterinarians can easily diagnose the disease and find optimal methods of getting rid of them. And individual approach to clients allows us to provide the highest quality veterinary care both at home and in the walls of the veterinary clinic.

Animal vaccinations are needed not less, than people. Moreover, some infectious diseases, which sick cats, rodents and dogs that can be transmitted to man. Timely vaccination tested drugs are the best way to avoid infection of the animal.

In our veterinary immunization of animals is carried out by competent staff. Drugs used for vaccination, consistent with the standards of infection safety. Immunizations within a certain period, only healthy Pets.

If you have any, questions, doubts related to the services of the veterinary clinic, the cost of the procedures, peculiarities of treatment, prevention, selection of food for cats and dogs, we are happy to help you find your way around. Thanks to the doctors of our clinic, your Pets are always supervised, surrounded by true professionals, ready at any moment to help.

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