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Strelitzia Royal

Strelittsiya /lat.Strelitzia/ – a great houseplant. The owners of the cloth, can only envy. Most often in the home grown strelittsiya Royal .

Her homeland of South Africa. In natural conditions it grows very actively. The plant is unpretentious and can cover large areas. In the wild strelittsiya Royal grows to a height of about two meters.

Care for this beautiful plant is not very complicated. If you wish to cope and novice.

Strelitzia grows slowly. It sometimes scares gardeners, they think they are doing something wrong. Grown indoors in a confined space of a pot, strelitzia will never be very large.

What are the conditions she needs to create in the house or Conservatory?

In the tropics a lot of sun, so, like all tropical plants, Strelitzias need plenty of light. In nature it grows under the canopy of trees and are accustomed to scattered light. It must be placed in a bright place, near the South window, but pritenyat. If there are more tall plants, it can be placed under them.

If lighting is not enough, the leaves of birds of Paradise will be spindly and not very strong, can fall and break.

Strelitzia, like most tropical plants, it is very undemanding to soil. The thing is that in the tropics very often occur in rain the nutrients are rapidly leached from the soil. The ground for birds of Paradise, you can choose neutral. Suitable store universal substrate. If you compile yourself, you need to take one part leaf land, one part humus and add a bit of peat. You can add small pieces of clay.

It is very important in the pot in which You planted birds of Paradise make good drainage. Excess moisture should go away, because strelitzia does not tolerate waterlogging. Need to be watered rare, but abundant. Avoid strong drying of the soil.

Royal birds of Paradise begins to bloom in late autumn and bloom until April. One flower can stand for very long blooming, up to one month. If the apartment is hot, the blossom of one flower may be reduced to two or three weeks, and if the temperature is not very high, it can last more than a month. Because of this long period of flowering, strelitzia often used in floral design.

Strelittsii Royal flowers have a very unusual shape. It resembles the crest of some strange bird. For this reason, he received the second name – the bird of Paradise Flower .

This plant has a very unusual pollination. Pollinate his birds called sunbirds. Strelittsiya releases large amounts of nectar, which they eat. But pollination can occur naturally just flow of air. But, if Your plans do not include the collection of seeds, the faded blossoms are better to cut. Then the plant will not have much strength and power to spend on their maturation.

I strelittsii very well developed root system. The roots of the powerful fat and is very fragile! That’s why you need to be very careful when transplanting. If you damage the roots, strelitzia can hurt for a long time and not moving on to the growth.

The new pot you need to choose deep, not wide.

In the early years strelittsiya very actively expanding root system, it literally pushes the roots of the soil from the pot. If your bird of Paradise is growing so actively that it’s worth it to transplant without waiting for spring. It will immediately go to the growth. Photo strelittsiya five months after transplantation, in the lower part of the pot of earth was gone. Immediately after the transplant has given a new sheet.

The plant should be kept clean. Once a week desirable a cool shower or at least spraying.

Fertilizing: begin fertilizing in the spring to make, at a time when the plants start growth. It’s a good time to take fertilizer for decorative-deciduous plants or complex. But, as a Royal strelitzia blooms in winter, and in winter you need to fertilize, but fertilizer for flowering plants. It is important, feeding the plant, do not overdo it. Dose of fertilizer that is recommended in the instructions, it is better to split it in half.

Strelitzia are propagated by seeds and dividing the Bush.

Seed propagation is preferable, because after dividing strelittsiya ill for a long time and may even die. The thing is that ripping Bush is very easy to damage the fragile roots, and strelitzia does not forgive. After the transplant, usually the whole year gets under way in growth. Therefore, it is better not to resort to this method of reproduction.

Most grow a plant from seed. It will only bloom for 5-6 year.

Birds of Paradise seeds very quickly lose their germination, so be sure to pay attention to the date that is listed on the bag. Well the seeds germinate, which six months or a year.

Germinate seeds in peat or use a moss-sphagnum moss. You must grind a pair of scissors to achieve a loose consistency. Every seed is best planted in a separate pot, because then, when transplanting, it is better not to disturb the earth com. Plant seed to a depth of 1.5 cm on Top and sprinkle peat or sphagnum moss. Abundantly watered and covered with a plastic bag or glass. From time to time you need to ventilate the pot with the seedling, slightly raising the polyethylene or shifting the lens.

Important: put the pot in a warm place. Temperature from 25 to 30 degrees. If will be cooler, the seeds may not germinate.

The seed germinates quite long, at least a month, and sometimes it can last for up to a year.

Pests and diseases are almost not affected. You may receive the scale. To get rid of it rubbing the leaves and other plant parts alcohol. You can prepare a special solution: take a large head of garlic, fill it with a liter of warm water, leave for a day and wipe the leaves and stems. Disposable to achieve final extinction of quadraspidiotus perniciosus impossible. The procedure will be repeated 2-3 times at intervals of a week.

On strelittsii may appear different molds. This usually occurs if the plant is too wet or when temperatures are low maintenance.

Grow this lovely plant. Good Luck To You!


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