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Unusual Pets whole question of care and the animal hospital. Unfortunately in pet stores often you can find unskilled workers. In one I was actually trying to convince poking in the ferret that honoric , but this is a separate issue. If your ferret spayed or neutered in time, and removed peranannya glands in the common people “funky” if it is periodically bathed and time to clean the tray, or diaper as anyone, with odors will not be any problems.

But there are many other moments:

1. The polecats need haravyi answers, gramatnye good specialists and clinics in Moscow counted on the fingers ochobenno surgeons.

2. The issue of food, if dried, a very expensive and high quality, if the minced meat porridge, then the problem with the selection of ingredients and watch out not to be lost, in the hot season. (Ideally, all of the mouse live, but I have them on hand was not raised =)))

3. Features of the physiology of the animal: do not tolerate the heat, the structure of the esophagus and intestines (I have to watch that kind of crap rubber did not eat) because the intestines and the esophagus is thin, so there was no patency. Additionally, the animal metabolism is quite fast, so you need to know how and what to do at the first sign of discomfort of the animal and ran to the vet. In General, the immune system and the health of the ferrets persistent, but if that happens,it develops very quickly.

If you have Moravcik, it is better to take from the trusted breeder. On the market or in the store do not recommend, although two of the three bought it there. But it’s still on three pages you can paint.

Moravcik animals are very active and playful, usually unlike cats, if I woke up, then after half an hour to sleep not sleep for 2, 3 hours will actively arrange “”Boum “” all over the apartment.

Very are jealous of their territory and toys.

In character, well here like and all, they are very different, there are very Lactuca, and are able to bite, but not openly aggressive I’ve ever met.

Ferrets are very trainable. In addition, animals are very cunning and clever If they something interesting but outside the zone of reach, rest assured as soon as there is any possibility to get there, even after a couple of weeks, this Skoda will be there. Unlike the marten up to jump high can’t, for some long just give road. vertically, wait until you get a chance. For example I want on the table but not the plane, so wait until appears next to the Ottoman and chair. And still will be there.

Hori burrowing animals and because of dripping love. For example you wish to administer inside of the sofa. By the way about to drip nails constantly require care, it is not difficult, but they STE not very fond of =))

Home hormony for life on the free bread not fit,but due to natural curiosity strive somewhere to dash away. So that the eyes and the eyes.

And problems arise if you need to leave. If we take first the problem of transport, and secondly in which case there may not be a competent Board next.

If asking someone to look, then again because it’s not a cat, and care painful troublesome and important matter, the afflicted few.

Generally there’s a lot of things to write. The main conclusion.

Hori very well can get along with someone and if you have the time and energy to these animals and of money way too, in content they are very not cheap, in return they will give you many happy and joyful moments.

And most importantly, we are responsible for those.

Not ready to devote a bunch of your time effort and funds, do not start. To throw out then the animals that lost without you is very cruel, and to attach polecat although this is possible, but not easy.

I was there later corrected his post, on the subject of drawbacks, but will make separately.

-Not easy to find competent recommendation specializes in the polecats. (Typical Kosice-dog clinics usually honestly send to harevych specialists.)

In addition to vaccinations and examinations, accordingly, very expensive.

Care ,even accustomed to the tray, the polecat does not always goes there, so diapers in the corners, and to change them regularly. Otherwise, the smell. =))))

Watch out that what rubber, such as soles of sneakers do not eat very much, they love it, otherwise it is likely to get obstruction.

-Food is a separate topic, as wrote above, or drying premium or falsecase (Turkey / pork / rice etc) the last if not eaten immediately polecats and remains in the bowl, lost in the summer fell swoop, and then they run the risk of her trahnutsya. In General, the stomach is not the strong point of the polecat.

Is the ferret an animal burrow and dig loves including soft or not furniture =)))

Is very active and very curious animals, for this reason, you must always watch out to not sisimite the door or not got where the thread where you aren’t really supposed to.

-To leave someone separate problem, because it is not a dog walk, plus maid though cells, at least one side of the trays and diapers, plus periodic bathing.

To take with you and to lead somewhere, not just with all partook.

-If a ferret is lost say run away on the street or in the city, it is not the cat, the environment is not adapted. Although there are cases that “lost ones” are, so I was.

There is a problem of choice of the polecat (in the sense not to get infected is already a thread on the food but looking quite healthy (if we buy in the markets where the neighborhood animals and what some of the viral spreading stroke))

Females of estrus without mating do not go. Just eventually pass into a state of permanent estrus, then a hormonal imbalance, begin to hurt badly and in the end hi. Therefore, the best way to sterilize.

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