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Dry food for dogs and cats

Owners of cats and dogs always wondered too whether it is useful to feed the pet dry food not canned food dry food and can I mix the food from the table with industrial food. And when you start to understand dry food, then all dazzled. Take for example the classes cat food: premium food, feed super premium for cats . holistic, economy class, etc. Yes, Yes! In this case premium is not the best, and super premium is also not the best.

C the 28th minute story about food

The industrial production of animal feed

Let’s look at the story of animal feed. Of course, with the advent of large industries in the 20th century, there was industrial and animal feed. Prior to that, Pets ate what was given to them by the owners. Consequently, poor people were feeding their four-legged friends something to have, and the richer people the scraps off the table.

Over time, krupneishie corporations in the West are faced with the problem of food waste. And appeared dry food for dogs and cats.

But don’t worry, all of the companies involved in the production of food for animals claim that their food is completely balanced . Although, still. there is a division of feed on some classes. These types quite a lot — it food and dog and cat food super premium . economy class, business, and just premium food.

Why so many classes of feeds for dogs and cats

It is alleged that in a good pet food for dogs or food for cats

the real meat should be from 28% to 54%

in the manufacture of feed fat use chicken and not pork Chicken better, but more expensive, so some manufacturers save.

carbohydrates and corn must be very, very little carbohydrates the Cat is not needed, but food because of their availability becomes cheaper.

Preservatives should only be acceptable and not cause tumors

It is believed that food should not be manufactured from waste products large corporations of the type Mars, Nestle, Procter and gamble. But there is no valid evidence that these feed manufacturers worse, just because they produce these companies. The name of a very large company with an international name, it’s usually a sign that this company has high standards and she probably cares about his name and reputation.

Also, there is a point of view that good food is produced in specialized factories that are engaged exclusively in the manufacture of animal feed from natural products. It’s possible, the way it is. Let’s see the rating of feed rating on a scale of one-hundred units scale. This is a very approximate data, so as to evaluate should feed on a variety of parameters.

This rating is not an advertisement! It should be borne in mind that the rating of even a specific position in the brand can be quite different. May differ even feed just from different parties, because they can be made from raw materials, which can greatly vary in quality.

Thus, the industrial feed are divided into classes according to its quality. Economic classes of forages and commercial feeds are of the lowest quality. And there are feeds of high and highest quality. Them premium food (good) and super premium (very good).

Food economic and commercial class for dogs and cats

A distinctive feature is the low price . mainly sold in supermarkets, not in pet stores and drugstore. The features of the composition of such feed — high levels of proteins and proteins of plant origin (usually from soy). These feeds are complete and balanced .

Note: Feed the economic and commercial grade are not recommended as a main diet

Low quality ingredients

Virtually no animal proteins

Not a full feed

Additional colorants and flavors “taxing” food excess food chemicals

Cats eat this food, mostly with pleasure, because there is different flavors. Balanced cat food should give your body all necessary for normal functioning and development. In such feed, in addition to proteins, proteins and carbohydrates, includes a variety of vitamins, acids and minerals.

Economy feed these supplements are practically absent, so the animal needed additional useful feeding. But the commercial feed is intended for very average cat with average needs. Therefore, you should not rely on the completeness and balance of commercial feeds.

Do not think that if commercial feeds are more expensive, they are much healthier for cats than economy class. The fact that the cost of products, actively advertised the media has already laid down the cost of advertising, beautiful packaging, additional flavors or colors.

Commercial feeds are manufactured by large corporations that own several well known brands. Therefore, due to the financial capabilities and large production capacity advertising campaign not too greatly increases the cost of feed. This means that if forage economy class will actively be advertised, then the price will rise and they go into the commercial class. Examples of feed: Diamond, Darling, Whiskas (Whiskas), Friskies (Friskis) and so on.

Feed premium and super premium for dogs and cats

Feed premium Ingredients of high quality. The minimum number of herbal ingredients. Perhaps the presence of ballast components.

The ingredients of vegetable and animal origin, which have a very low energy value and digestibility — almost not digested. Ballast can be low-quality by-products, soy, properly whole grains. The more ballast, the more the daily amount of feed required cat.

In forages of super-premium ingredients with high and very high quality. The minimum number of herbal ingredients. The complete absence of ballast components. Plus the fact that it is of sufficient quality, relatively inexpensive food.

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