Dry food for dogs and cats
Owners of cats and dogs always wondered too whether it is useful to feed the pet dry food not canned food dry food and can I mix the food from…

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Dry food for dogs and cats
Owners of cats and dogs always wondered too whether it is useful to feed the pet dry food not canned food dry food and can I mix the food from…

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Golden hamsters
Golden hamsters (Syrian hamsters, a family of mammals of the rodent family. This is a small (body length 8-9. 5 cm; halved rats) tailless cute animals with nezlobnym and gentle…

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How to feed a puppy: tips and advice

In order for your pet to grow up healthy and happy life, take care of his nutrition. The puppy need to get all the nutrients you need to think carefully about his diet. In this article we will examine how to properly feed a puppy.

How many times to feed the puppy depending on age

2 month old puppies need to be fed 6 times a day. For good and restful sleep your pet the last meal should be late — at 10 PM. At this time, you can give him plain meat, to pet less needed to pee and he slept better.

At 3 months a puppy must eat 5 times a day.

4 month old puppy eats 5 times a day on the same diet.

In 5 months need to transfer your pet with 4 meals a day.

From 6 to 12 months, gradually reduce the number of servings per day. How many times to feed a puppy a year of life? He should switch to two meals a day and stay on it for life.

And it says here, what to feed a pug 3 months

I don’t know what a French bulldog? Go here !

Is it possible to feed a puppy

Consider puppies feeding dry food, natural products and mixed diets.

How to feed puppy food? The most popularmake include:

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Roasted Bison & Venison – includes game, does not contain grains, is recognized as one of the most beneficial for health and digestion of dogs, the price is high.

ROYAL CANIN Mini Exigent — if your puppy is picky to eat, take a look to this brand. Production — France, food is in the form of pads.

LEADER Dogs Premium Food includes natural ingredients (meat, buckwheat, corn, fish oil). Recommended for pet-Allergy sufferers. Received positive feedback from state veterinary Academy.

Savarra Turkey Adult Dog is suitable for dogs from one year. It includes fresh Turkey meat. Promote good health and well-being of a pet.

Food should be soaked in kefir or water: add in a bowl of dry food with a little liquid, so it “swelled”. If your pet will be constantly eating “dry rations”, then it can cause gastritis.

Let’s talk about natural food. The better to feed the puppy in this scenario? Useful cereal that include the vegetables, cereals and meat (raw) in the ratio 60-40-10. Dogs useful lean varieties such as chicken, beef and veal, and pork should not give (the meat not only has a high fat content, but may contain viruses). The liver, lungs and kidneys, before feeding it is necessary to weld, but their nutritional value is several times lower, than ordinary meat. Cut the meat into pieces. Minced meat to give the dog because it is poorly absorbed.

Vegetables can be boiled, and to give the raw. The exception is cabbage, which is served or stewed, or boiled. Useful for puppies carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, zucchini and pumpkin. Should be given and herbs — add to food finely chopped dandelion leaves, nettles, dill, lettuce.

Include in the diet of dairy products — cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt. Puppy milk is necessary, especially for 1-month-old puppy.

Let us examine an approximate calculation of products. Puppy under the age of six months is required to give 30 gr. meat on 1 kg of weight. The older dog, with a weight of 10 kg, required 300 gr. of meat a day. Try to feed your pet a 250 gr. cottage cheese.

What to feed a puppy?

Prohibited products list:

You can transfer the pet to mixed feeding — that is, to give the dog natural and organic foods, and dry food, but only when she was one year old. Typically, the ratio of natural products and dry food is 50% to 50%. To the digestive system of a pet is easier to accept new products, for every 450 g of food add 800 mg of calcium. The dry product contains a lot of carbohydrates, therefore, additionally feeding your pet with fats and proteins — raw chicken, goat meat, eggs, cheese.

What to feed a puppy a Yorkie?

He has a delicate digestive system, so it is recommended to feed natural products — boiled groats, raw beef, vegetables in any form, milk products and cottage cheese. When purchasing, give preference to feed canned food because dry food affects the digestive system.

Useful tips

From the first days of your puppy’s life with you he should have a seat reserved for feeding. Bowls for food must be kept clean and empty. If the puppy did not finish, residue — constant access to food harmful to health. If the puppy is malnourished, this is a sign that you should reduce portion. If a pet every time licking the bowl clean, try the volume of the portions to increase. However, do not overfeed: if your pet will stretch the stomach, then in the future this may lead to volvulus of stomach and joint problems.

Set the second bowl designed to clean boiled water and make sure that it was always full. Change the water daily.

Avoid snacking, but if you are training a puppy, then as a reward can buy him a cookie, a piece of Apple or cheese.

Enter into the diet of new foods slowly, watching the puppy’s condition. If allergic reaction stop.

Purchase a bowl, having at the bottom of the rubber grips. So your pet will not be able to flip her over, soiling himself and everything around.

Listen to the opinion of an expert breeder on video about feeding dogs:

Think carefully about the power of the puppy so that it is full, tasty, healthy, rich in vitamins, because when the dog is feeding the puppies, they get all the necessary substances. Ideal — a diet composed entirely of natural products. If this is not possible, purchase expensive and high-quality dry food.

Do not overfeed your puppy because the pet obesity is just as harmful as malnutrition. Don’t give him the products included in the prohibited list, even if some of them fond of your pet, and the question “is it possible to feed puppies” will disappear by itself.

Only you are responsible for the health and well-being of your friend. To evaluate the effectiveness of the diet you can appearance pet. Eating a balanced diet he would lead an active life, have a shiny coat, curious eyes clean and healthy teeth, and it will increase to 15 a day every 1.5 months.

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