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The most dangerous dog breeds

Some would say that aggressiveness depends on the dogs belonging to the breed. But there will be those who will say that it depends entirely on the owner of the dog. More precisely, as the owner of your pet brings up how well trained.

There is even a kind of “list”, which are the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. Getting there was not easy. Went to “places” in the Top of the dog breeds that are known for their excessive aggressiveness. And it’s not just one representative of any breed was growling or bite, and a pretty high percentage of aggressive individuals belonging to the same breed.

The top three

Who are these most dangerous dogs in the world? Who got first three places? What breeds of dogs leads the world in aggressiveness?

First place “went to” the pit bull. In some countries and banned altogether to keep and breed dogs, because not so long ago they were used for dog fighting. Without proper training the pit bull is actually dangerous. To train this dog you need to immediately, as it appeared in your house, and not to stop even after achieved the desired.

Second place “was given to” the Rottweiler. According to statistics in 1993 and 1996, almost half of smertelnye caused by attack and bites of dogs is the Rottweiler. This breed almost everywhere in the world used for protection of the home. If seriously to approach the selection of parents offspring and to educate the dog since puppyhood, you risk to run into aggression is extremely small.

Third, as strange as may sound, is a husky (Northern type). It would seem that such a furry and cute dog with adorable eyes circled around. But it is believed that this is a dangerous breed of dog. Scientists studied the genotype of this breed, found that the direct ancestors of the husky – wolves (much much more dangerous?).

Aggression in huskies “wakes up” only when locked in a confined space without the ability to throw your energy. By themselves, these beauties are very affectionate and sociable, because they had brought them Chukchis, held in dwellings and drove great distances with carts. But if it is wrong to treat these Siberian sweethearts, instead of the Babes in the house will run aggressive dogs that could seriously injure a person.

Continue TOP 10 most dangerous dog breeds

To talk about what the dogs take the fourth or seventh place is not so important. Much depends on genetics of the animal, which relatives he has (how sustainable their psyche) in the family, from the owner (how he brings up, correctly contains, enough is paying attention). So just re-acquainted with the dog, find out what other dangerous breeds of dogs are next to us.

Volkosob – from the title immediately clear that this is a cross between a dog and a wolf. And this explosive mixture, the risk simply flows in the blood. This breed of control is not so simple, although most of the resemblance to a wolf is expressed in appearance than in character. But feel free to relax next to the dog whose blood “wild nature” and the call to the hunt (instincts can always “Wake up”)?

The German shepherd dog. Yes, it is this beauty, which is often the smartest companion, one of the best defenders of home and family members in the world, belongs to an aggressive breed. German shepherd safe only if proper training and proper handling.

Boxer. As a pit bull or a Rottweiler, at one time used for dog fighting. But if the time to begin the process of education, the boxer will be a great defender and a wonderful gentle and energetic nanny for your kids. This once again proves that no matter how aggressive in the world was considered to be all rock, with the right approach to dog individual members can be very affectionate and gentle companions,regardless of size and history.

The great Dane is not just a huge pet, but also very dangerous, if you prepare in advance to its occurrence in the family. Not everyone fits this donnelay handsome, because to keep all the rules is not so simple.

The Alaskan Malamute. Like husky is fraught with hidden danger, many mistakenly believe that it is one and the same breed, just different people are called. However, between the husky and the Malamute are plenty of differences (and not just in appearance), but have in common is that both are dangerous breeds.

The Doberman Pinscher belongs to the working dogs and aggression there is a small “welcome”. But this anger should always be under control and not to appear suddenly out of nowhere. Without training, these dogs just go wild and are a danger to life and health of others.

Bullmastiff. Originally these dogs were taken out to protect, so the aggression they have “taken out”. As a result of “happened” 60-pound “delayed action mechanism”, it is unknown when will “explode”. There were registered cases when the bullmastiff was killed by the children, their owners or those who stood in their way.

Of course, the world is full of more rocks, which could be classified as dangerous, overly aggressive or just strong. Agree, if the St. Bernard jumps on you, even if he wants you to lick, you can very easily injure (to pin down, to drop, to break something, especially to a child). Danger lurks not only in a quick temper or innate aggression, but the lack of proper education. Without it even the most gentle dog breeds in the world could harm, scare.

Be sure before you buy a favourite dog, read the information about it. Will you be able to contain it properly? Do you have enough space in the house or have time to walk? Are you ready for such responsibility?

Many people mistakenly “being” in beautiful Photos or cute videos with dogs, forgetting that, to achieve this result required not one month of hard training and a well-arranged scheme of training. Even if you bought a cute puppy in the genus only dog with a balanced psyche, only from you will depend on how he grows up: a dangerous and unpredictable or gentle and devoted dog companion. Believe me, even pit bull Terriers you can “get” the most gentle and caring nanny for kids, although this breed is on the first place of the Top most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

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