The parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier
The parson Russell Terrier is a dog bred to go to ground in Britain hunting foxes. Belongs to the third group of the International classification of rocks. Parson-Russells – folded…

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Myths about home decorative rodents
People always treated the rodents with two different positions. From the point of view of the first, rodents are pests that can cause significant harm to the long labors of…

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Pets for children
Have You dreamed in the childhood about buying a pet? I - Yes. Once upon a time I really wanted to have a dog. Shaggy, good, certainly, with big ears…

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The most rare and incredibly beautiful breed of cats

As you know, the family cat has a diversity of species and breeds, so this article will tell you about the most beautiful and rare breeds of animals.

One of them has the name of Cao Mani – cat, bright unusual eyes, often of different colors. The color of these rocks is pure white. If there are any inclusions is not valid. This breed is famous for this light gene. The first mention of Khao Mani were dated in 1350. They were bred in Thailand members of the nobility, so as to afford them they could only. It was believed that this cat brings home prosperity and good luck. Now this breed in pure form is very difficult to find, so its cost in the U.S., as a rule, is not less than 20 000 dollars. These cats are not used to sit in the hands of humans, but they are not aggressive and are quite fine with walking and swimming. At the same time they don’t transfer to the other house any animals.

Some of the beautiful members of the cat family is the cat breed snow Shu, which means “snow Shoe”. These cats have an unusual color – type of the Siamese but with white paws. In addition, the nose of these cats are also featured, in the form of an inverted V of white color. Snow Shu is very friendly and even-tempered animals, they get along with all family members including other Pets. They have a lively enquiring mind, so these cats are fast-learners.

Unusual beautiful color are famous for Singaporean cats. This color is called “Sepia agouti”. This is the smallest animal of the family Felidae. They are flexible, soft, narrow physique and appearance of the Asian type. Continue reading

Closing dog training season were a rare breed of dogs from around the world

Competitive event traditionally held with the support of the Primorsky regional club of service dog breeding. This year the festival brought together more than 120 breeds of dogs from around the world and 620 participants. Every year the largest in the far East, the closure of cynological season in Vladivostok come best judges of Russia – from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Pskov.

“Today we celebrate the close of the season, which is traditionally held on December 5 now as 17 years in a row. In one day we have two blocks of national exhibitions. The best judges of Russia, and our pride, from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov, came to us. The competition involved 120 dog breeds and more than 620 participants”, – has told to the correspondent the head of the regional kennel club Oleg Yanchev .

Among the participants were also observed and guests from Japan. They brought a rare breed of dog – Japanese Shikoku. This reggaetton Laika is not only a rarity in the world, but in Japan itself. Other rare breeds at the show were presented the German quail dog, the Thai Ridgeback and an Australian Heeler. Continue reading

Common Pets

Very often people give birth in his house cat. This little beast removes negative energy, heals and soothes their owners. Despite the fact that these Pets from the nature of government, they love people. In addition, your “purring” will save you from troubles and misfortune.

Dogs also often become beloved Pets people. They are devoted to their master, protecting him and relieve loneliness. Thanks to the regular walking health improves, and through training self-esteem rises, confidence in themselves and develop leadership skills.

If your family has children, a perfect pet would be a Guinea pig or a gerbil, jerboa rat or decorative. These animals are easy to care for. They will teach the younger members of the family to be attentive and caring.

The birds will fit in the first place, romantic and creative natures. Songbirds become the mascot of the house, and cleanse the soul. The owners of these creatures, as a rule, always cheerful and funny.

Fish attract luck and wealth to its owner. If you believe Feng Shui, the house should live nine floating Pets, preferably eight gold and one black. And the aquarium should be placed in a certain place and to keep it clean. Continue reading

The standards of British breeds of cats
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How to feed a puppy: tips and advice
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