Black stroller for Pets
Stroller for dogs and other small animals and medium - multi-function. It is useful in the following cases: - To visit public places. In the lower compartment can be folded…

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Feeding puppies
At birth the body of the puppy is experiencing a lot of stress, because he received the energy necessary for development from mother, and now he begins to breathe, to…

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A doctor's advice on the content of small Pets.
Bathe no more often than once a month not to damage the skin's natural moisture balance of the animal. Glycerol, vaseline and soap or special shampoos that you can buy…

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A doctor’s advice on the content of small Pets.

Bathe no more often than once a month not to damage the skin’s natural moisture balance of the animal. Glycerol, vaseline and soap or special shampoos that you can buy at the pet store or veterinary pharmacy.

To trim the claws as the claws grow, in order to avoid twisting, ingrown and breaking. The first procedure should be carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian. When self-grooming, you can damage the claw, resulting in cracks, wounds. You can also cause emotional distress to an animal (particularly sensitive to procedure cats), which will certainly affect his health.

Wipe your eyes and clean your ears as pollution, special lotions, which also can be purchased at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy. With redness of eyes, ears, abundant revealing the secret that you are itching, you must consult your veterinarian.

Comb to remove dead hairs, to avoid tangling. If the tangles form very often and very quickly, you should contact the veterinarian: possibly impaired metabolism, lack of vitamins, or in the body occur some changes. Continue reading

The most rare and incredibly beautiful breed of cats

As you know, the family cat has a diversity of species and breeds, so this article will tell you about the most beautiful and rare breeds of animals.

One of them has the name of Cao Mani – cat, bright unusual eyes, often of different colors. The color of these rocks is pure white. If there are any inclusions is not valid. This breed is famous for this light gene. The first mention of Khao Mani were dated in 1350. They were bred in Thailand members of the nobility, so as to afford them they could only. It was believed that this cat brings home prosperity and good luck. Now this breed in pure form is very difficult to find, so its cost in the U.S., as a rule, is not less than 20 000 dollars. These cats are not used to sit in the hands of humans, but they are not aggressive and are quite fine with walking and swimming. At the same time they don’t transfer to the other house any animals.

Some of the beautiful members of the cat family is the cat breed snow Shu, which means “snow Shoe”. These cats have an unusual color – type of the Siamese but with white paws. In addition, the nose of these cats are also featured, in the form of an inverted V of white color. Snow Shu is very friendly and even-tempered animals, they get along with all family members including other Pets. They have a lively enquiring mind, so these cats are fast-learners.

Unusual beautiful color are famous for Singaporean cats. This color is called “Sepia agouti”. This is the smallest animal of the family Felidae. They are flexible, soft, narrow physique and appearance of the Asian type. Continue reading

Exotic animals at home: snake

Any herpetologist will tell you that improper maintenance of snakes may lead to the fact that it will take treatment of snakes. Choose a large enough terrarium, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable accommodation in it of the snake.

Pets are different: some people prefer to have a quiet Guinea pig, someone – affectionate kitty, someone needs a faithful dog, but there is a category of people loves all the unusual, strange, because even in the choice of Pets, they distinguished themselves, preferring all fluffy and affectionate animals proud snakes. It should be noted that the content of snake has a high degree of complexity compared, for example, with the content of the same cats, as mentioned wild creatures are not free to drive through the apartment or whole house. By purchasing a snake, you must be fully confident that they will be able to provide her with a decent standard of living, and therefore carefully weigh your options. To any snake should be in a well-equipped terrarium, which must be maintained at the desired level of temperature and humidity, as well as artificially created the right lighting, it will be attained through the installation of appropriate devices. Continue reading

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