Black stroller for Pets
Stroller for dogs and other small animals and medium - multi-function. It is useful in the following cases: - To visit public places. In the lower compartment can be folded…

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Dry food for dogs and cats
Owners of cats and dogs always wondered too whether it is useful to feed the pet dry food not canned food dry food and can I mix the food from…

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Allergic to Pets
Unfortunately, many people suffer from allergies to animals . Very sad when people are attached to their dog or cat suffer from a severe Allergy to her and must choose…

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What to feed a dog?


– hot (straight from the plate), cold (from the fridge), spicy, salty, fatty, sweet, smoked food;

– river fish. You can give only boiled marine. Freshwater and raw sea not ever to give, as the possibility of infection of intestinal worms;

– feed is not to give bones. Contrary to long-held misconception, bone is for the dog death. First, they are not absorbed. Secondly, can cause constipation, bowel perforation, volvulus. Especially dangerous are long bones that tend to split into sharp pieces, Bones also contribute to the rapid piecing of the teeth;

– it is impossible to constantly feed the macaroni, legume products, white bread, potatoes, peas, wheat flour products;

the dog must not know what a sausage, sausage, ham. However, it seems that these products soon will know and the person. But we know many owners that your pet is able to do incredible and does not stand up not for what costs and difficulties. In this case, everything is completely in vain. Sausages for dogs poison. They spoil the liver, and the dog runs the risk to die at a young age. Because we do not know what additives are added in the sausage, so they had an attractive appearance; Continue reading

Closing dog training season were a rare breed of dogs from around the world

Competitive event traditionally held with the support of the Primorsky regional club of service dog breeding. This year the festival brought together more than 120 breeds of dogs from around the world and 620 participants. Every year the largest in the far East, the closure of cynological season in Vladivostok come best judges of Russia – from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Pskov.

“Today we celebrate the close of the season, which is traditionally held on December 5 now as 17 years in a row. In one day we have two blocks of national exhibitions. The best judges of Russia, and our pride, from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov, came to us. The competition involved 120 dog breeds and more than 620 participants”, – has told to the correspondent the head of the regional kennel club Oleg Yanchev .

Among the participants were also observed and guests from Japan. They brought a rare breed of dog – Japanese Shikoku. This reggaetton Laika is not only a rarity in the world, but in Japan itself. Other rare breeds at the show were presented the German quail dog, the Thai Ridgeback and an Australian Heeler. Continue reading

Dog training in Voronezh

Successful socialization of a dog is a guarantee of conflict – free accommodation of your pet in human society. Therefore, every dog must know and perform a set of basic commands of obedience. The skills of social behavior and teach our courses on dog training in Voronezh. Why is it necessary? To create a harmonious relationship between the owner and his quadruped friend, and human society. The dog stay in the megalopolis should be conflict-free. And for that she needs to perfectly obey the master. Help to find the beast and man shared a common language and enables professional training. Training courses Markov for many years together with the owners working on raising dogs and working them work skills.

In Voronezh who need dog training?

Dog training in Voronezh, are necessary for each owner of the four-legged friend. Consider the most typical situation, when without the services of a professional dog handler will not do.

Rude dog calls complaints of others? Often, guided by the motto “a dog is a full member of the family”, people allow the dog too much. Remember that pet because of their instincts provided him perceive freedom as a weakness of the hosts. As a result, what is called, “sits on the head.” To rectify the situation is the training of dogs for obedience. Continue reading

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